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'The New Blue' Album is underway

Updated: May 16, 2019

8 years after remastering the 1949 - 1951 recordings of Pixie Williams' we are back with a new album to celebrate the song that made Pixie a household name.

26 June 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the recording of Blue Smoke - and the birth of the New Zealand recording industry. This is the perfect time to update Pixie's music for today - with today's recording artists and cutting edge recording technologies complements of Massey University's College of Creative Arts.

And what an opportunity to introduce these historic tracks and stories to a new audience. Fresh sounds, beautiful voices and re-imagined tunes for a new era but steeped in the very origins of the industry.

Packaged as The 'New Blue', we are creating an exciting album showcasing leading New Zealand vocalists, musicians and producers of today, building upon the historic achievements of our musical pioneers.

With this blog, we will post news about the project - the people involved, progress with tracks, and ways you can support the project.

L to R: Executive Producer, Mike Gibson from Munki Studios, with fellow Producer, Riki Gooch, in the control room of Massey University's outstanding College of Creative Arts recording studio. Photography by Phil Greig, Philmworks.



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