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How to donate to The New Blue with

We are undertaking a fundraising campaign to finish the remaining work on the recording of our

Pixie Williams tribute album. Thank you for considering donating to our campaign!!

Here is some useful information about donating through Boosted, our crowdfunding platform of choice.

What is Boosted?

Boosted is a crowdfunding organisation that is backed by the Arts Foundation, New Zealand's leader in arts philanthropy. Its sole purpose is to help support the arts community and improve the ability to fundraise for arts-based projects. Boosted is a registered charity and therefore all eligible donations will recieve a 33% tax refund.

How do I donate to The New Blue project through Boosted?

Very easily!

  1. Go to and click on the big, red DONATE button.

  2. If you are a first-timer, you will need to set up your account so click on the JOIN BOOSTED button.

  3. After you create your profile, you can carry on with the donation. Boosted use Payment Express to manage the donation, so have your credit card handy. 

That’s it! After you have donated, a couple things happen:

  1. Your payment is transferred immediately, but is held in a secure account. We only get the donations if we reach our target goal of $35,000 in one month. If we do not reach this target, your donation will be returned to you within 8 days of the campaign ending. 

  2. Once we hit our $35,000 goal and the campaign ends you will be emailed a donation receipt which you can use to receive the 33% tax rebate.


Why do I need to make a profile/account with Boosted before I can donate the money?

  • Because Boosted is a registered charitable organisation all donors are eligible for a 33% tax refund on their donation. Having an account means Boosted has the correct information to get your donation receipt to you, in order for you to claim your rebate. They also need your information to inform you if your donation will be refunded, in the very slim chance that we fail to meet our donation target. 


Can I just donate to you directly? Boosted sounds like a hassle…

  • Boosted is a great organisation that does amazing things for the arts community and the process to donate is really not difficult or time consuming. But, if you really prefer not to use Boosted yourself please get in contact with Meghan at or call on 022 095 8659. Because we only get donations if we reach our target we really need every dollar to contribute toward meeting that goal. Meghan can help you through the sign up process, or undertake it on your behalf, but we need all donations to come through Boosted. 


How do I get my tax rebate?

  • Once our successful campaign finishes, you will be emailed a donation receipt that you can use to apply for your 33% tax rebate on that donated amount. You need to fill a form from the IRD and attach your donation receipt. You can read more about the tax rebate and download the rebate form from 


What does Boosted get out of this?

  • Boosted is not a for-profit organisation so they only take 10% of the total donated amount to cover administration and support. That is the lowest take of any of the major crowdfunding platforms.

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