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Red Cross partners with Blue Smoke

NZ POWs receiving NZ Red Cross food parcelsFor more than 150 years Red Cross has helped protect combatants, medical teams and religious personnel in times of conflict and war through the Geneva Conventions; care for the injured and those affected by war; and restoring families broken apart by war and conflict.

New Zealand Red Cross has played an important role by promoting the Geneva Conventions in New Zealand, caring for New Zealand troops and prisoners of war overseas with care packs and sending aid workers to conflict zones across the globe to help in all sorts of humanitarian aid projects - from health care to logistics. 

Red Cross have become part of the fabric of New Zealand society, such as assisting vunerable people in need after disasters and in emergencies; providing community programmes such as meals on wheels and community transport; and training adults and young people in first aid.

Pixie Williams' Blue Smoke was written by Ruru Karaitiana, a member of the 28th Maori Battalion, on board the british troopship HMS Aquitania, carrying soldiers, medical equipment and supplies to North Africa in 1940.  Karaitiana led the battalion's concert party and first played his song to soliders on board ship, and then on the battlefield's of North Africa.  Evoking the melancholy of parting from loved ones, when released in 1949, Blue Smoke appealed to the public’s post-war sentiments selling 50,000 copies.

Therefore, Blue Smoke Records felt it fitting that they work together with New Zealand Red Cross as a charity partner.  Some of the proceeds from the sale of Williams' songs will go to support the work of Red Cross in New Zealand.