From the remastered collection



available here from Amplifier in CD or MP3 format

 or from MarbecksJB Hifi, Te Papa or Big Bad Wolf in Wellington



A huge thanks to our team

Any such project does not happen without the collaboration, support and inspiration from a dedicated team.  We are exceptionally grateful to the many talented people and organisations who have come on board to help us create the next chapter in the Blue Smoke story. Our most sincere thanks for donating their time, genius and stuff goes to:

  • Ruma Karaitiana for your memories, family photographs and blessing to release your Dad's music.  Thank you for your continued support and appreciation. 
  • Fay Burns and Murdoch Riley for your kind permission to release the original versions of Sam Freedman's Maoriland and Best Wishes.
  • George Boraman for finding that elusive final record to complete the full set of Pixie's recordings for us to begin the job of remastering. Thank you! 
  • Tim Fraser for producing this outstanding Album and being so passionate about this project which saw you research and track down; the collectors (MAVtechBob & Jan Saunders, Guy Vincent, Dave Turnbull, Jim Crook and John Bell) who provided their 78s for us to capture the best of the best; the engineers - Marcus Wilson for your technical advice and audio equipment to lift the best sound possible from the 78s and Mike Gibson - for your remastering and engineering brilliance. What a result!
  • Julie Powell for thinking bigger than big, rolling up your sleeves and providing creative inspiration and direction, honest feedback and massive confidence boosts when we needed it most. You are the best girlfriend ever!
  • Creature for brand and web design. For visually embracing and expressing every part of our public face. Thank you for the laughs, and great ideas along the way. Love your work!
  • Tony Eyles Ezidocs, Chris Parkin The Musuem Hotel and Greg and Jane Ball for financial support. Without your shared passion and financial generosity we wouldn't have made it.  Thank you! 
  • The GreenMan Group for practical support with the overall concept, web strategy, development services, office space and unwavering encouragement and enthusiasm.
  • Zillwood Photography for the magical things you do with the lens, and finding ways to communicate so much through that one captured moment. WOW!
  • Dara Wakely for making Pixie look so good, so natural - simply beautiful. Thank you!
  • Frankie Stevens for giving your time, expressing your personal stories and love of this music and for  presenting this taonga and Pixie's story so beautifully at the benefit and Album launch.  You have won a whole team of new fans in love with your work!
  • Stephen O'Hoy Amplifier, Rodger Marbeck Ode Records and the team at Stebbings for believing in this treasure, helping us get across the finishline and getting it out there for us - love your work!
  • Colin Douglas for the many great ideas and introductions to Jonny at the Roxy Cinema and New Zealand Red Cross. Lots of hugs to you!