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Ain't it a Shame - release

Due for online release from  on 16 May is the digitally remastered single Ain't it a Shame.

Composed by Ruru Karaitiana, and first released in 1949, Ain't it a Shame is a classic jazz number with Karaitiana's trademark sound of the South Pacific. 

Kariaitiana's first love was jazz and he's outdone himself with this 100% New Zealand made recording. It should have been another hit for the Williams and Karaitiana duo but issues with the original pressing (which destroyed the master) meant this song only had one release. 

Williams' voice is pure velvet and the Ruru Karaitiana Quintette (who recorded Blue Smoke with Williams in 1948) are heard like never before.  Each instrument has been carefully picked out and remastered - the band now perfectly supporting 21 year old Williams' voice - with the muffles, scratches and pops of age all but gone.

Ain't it a Shame is the song responsible for starting this project, to bring the music of Pixie Williams to life for a new generation of New Zealanders to enjoy.  It is fitting therefore, that it has it's own special time in the spotlight ahead of the release of the full collection.

For the record: The Pixie Williams Collection features all of Williams' digitally remastered recordings.  It is due for release in June/July this year.



Frankie Stevens to MC...

Frankie Stevens remembers growing up with the sound of Pixie Williams' music.  He was even able to hum a few bars of some of the songs when asked if he would MC a fund raiser to be held at The Museum Hotel on 22 February, 2011.

And, having recorded 'Blue Smoke' himself 15 years ago, Stevens will perform Blue Smoke on the night.

Organisers said Stevens was an obvious choice to MC the evening given his background as a performer and his undertanding and knowledge of what the original Blue Smoke team achieved for New Zealand music.

Funds raised at the ticketed event and auction of Blue Smoke memorabilia,  will help fund the digital remastering of Williams' original 13 recordings which will be released alongside the remakes in a special double album due out later this year.



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