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About Blue Smoke Records

Blue Smoke Records was born from an idea and a vision - to capture the musical treasures from the past and make them new again.

It started with the daughter of Pixie Williams, Amelia Costello, who wanted to release the 'unknown' music of her mother for a new generation of New Zealanders to enjoy. 

On Pixie William's birthday, on the 12th of July 2011, Blue Smoke Records released For the Record - The Pixie Williams Collection 1949-1951-  28 years after the idea to do something with Pixie's music was born.

The album release was made possible by the Blue Smoke crew; Tim Fraser and Julie Powell with loads of support and encouragement from a team of other wonderful folk.  Read who here...

Blue Smoke Records works always with integrity and respect, to express the creativity from the past, through the music of today.

The 'Blue Smoke Reviver’ cocktail

Originating in 1880 in New Orleans and refreshed in 2011 for Blue Smoke Records.

The Blue Smoke Reviver, by Guy JacobsonThe ‘Blue Smoke Reviver’ cocktail is an update on an old New Orleans hangover cocktail cure called the ‘Corpse Reviver #2’.  In keeping with the Blue Smoke story, Guy Jacobson from Museum Hotel, Hippopotamus Restaurant & Bar has created a cocktail specifically to celebrate Blue Smoke.  In Guy’s words, “I have taken what was old and made it new again - with a twist”. 

Blue Smoke Reviver

2 parts Gin

1 part Lillet Blanc (sweet white vermouth)

1 part lemon juice

1 part Blue Curacao

Cigar Syrup   (or for those that like the ultimate challenge, infuse with Cigar Smoke)

Put all ingredients into a shaker with ice.  Strain and serve either over ice in a tumbler or straight in a martini glass. Garnish if you must!

 If you like drinking Cosmopolitans', this is worth a try!  Mmmmmmm!